Business Strategy

Trying to succeed in business without a plan is like trying to drive a car with a blindfold on. Thinking through and preparing the strategy for getting from where you are to where you want to be provides a view of the territory ahead—taking off the blindfold so that the way forward is clearer. Few business owners can successfully scale their business without a plan for growth and transformation.

Coridium Advisor's Strategic Thinking Process(tm) offers you a road map of the territory you must traverse to prepare your strategies and tactics in a well-thought-out plan. We then support you in implementing this plan. Our coaching-advising approach helps you stay accountable to the plan.

And, because plans need to be adapted as they encounter reality, we work with you to adjust your plans "in real time" to stay focused on your goals.

Is This You?

  • Strategic planning seems overly complex and takes too much time away from your day-to-day of running the business. 
    Strategic planning is integral to business leadership. The most successful strategic planning efforts focus on thinking about what is possible and what is desired along with measures of success. The process helps the business owner and the team to know what success looks like and identify the path to achieve success.
  • Developing a strategy seems overwhelming, with many components and many details. 
    Good, even great, strategic plans can start with the use of templates and a set of questions. However, every plan is unique and using an advisor who asks insightful questions can deepen the thinking and integrate the pieces of the plan so that it is coherent and specific to your needs.
  • Improving business performance is challenging because there are so many variables it’s hard for you to know what to work on first. 
    Effective efforts to improve business performance follow from a plan that focuses on key elements of the business—and measures of success.

Benefits of Business Strategy Advice

  • Step outside the day-to-day and think through the challenges that lay ahead and what it will take to achieve the goals you set.
  • Focus your and your team’s efforts on what is most critical to business success and create commitment to meet and beat the challenges ahead.
  • Apply structure to your ideas, enabling them to flow and enabling plans to develop.
  • Set up experiments for testing your ideas and integrating the results into your plans to improve the odds of success and, to know early whether to increase an investment or change direction.

Who We Work With

You’re likely to get great value in working with us if you and your team

  • Have a strong desire to move your business to a new level.
  • Have well developed ideas about what your business needs to achieve its goals.
  • Recognize the value of thinking through strategy and tactics to achieve business success.
  • Willing to invest in and commit the time and energy to think and plan your and your team's efforts.
  • Have a willingness to design and conduct experiments to test these new ideas and apply the learning that results.
  • Are strongly committed to to executing your plan.
  • Are willing to work with an advisor to guide you through the process.

How It Works

Coridium Advisors works with you and your team to create your business strategy and then supports you and your team in executing the plan and producing the results you seek. We have extensive experience in this domain, having worked with dozens of business leaders and owners to envision what they want to achieve—and realize it. Our coaching and advising supports your decisions and the work necessary to achieve your aims. To bring structure and focus, we provide a variety of services and tools:

  • In a kickoff session, identify the first-order goals you seek to achieve and the time frame for achieving them. Planning often starts with a revenue goal.
  • Benchmark your business in key areas: marketing and sales, financial management, human resources, etc.
  • Hold one or more workshops with the planning team to address SWOT, critical success factors, goals and associated action plans, marketing plans, sales plans, budgets and organization.
  • Prepare your strategic plan and present it to your key stakeholders.

Depending on what your unique requirements are, we will adjust our approach to achieve the results you seek. And, if we don't have the depth of expertise you require, we tap into our extensive and diverse network of experts to deliver the strategy and plan you need.

What To Do

If you are interested in exploring how you can benefit from Coridium Advisors' Strategic Thinking Process, contact us and request your free one-hour strategy session in which we will begin to help you explore goals and aspirations for you and your business. Or check out accounts of clients we have worked with:

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