Project Risk Management

It’s not possible to take all of the risk out of projects. It’s also not necessary to take on more risk than needed. Risk management is often low on the list of priorities in many organizations and teams. Establishing sound risk management takes strong leadership, working with experienced professionals who know how to put required processes, tools, procedures and trained staff in place.

Is This You?

  • In the urgency to get projects done, risk management seems like an extra effort that adds little value.
    Risk planning and management can be positioned as the best investment management can make and a hedge against project failure.
  • You believe identifying and sharing project risks with your customers shows a lack of project plans and control.
    Using a structured process to capture and share risks with a customer often opens up very productive dialog and can demonstrate the depth of thinking and done by the project team and give the customer confidence


Benefits of Project Risk Management

When properly implemented, risk management yields

  • Much better project plans
  • Stronger team cohesiveness
  • Greater trust by customers
  • Improved project profitability
  • Q stronger competitive position in the marketplace

And sound project risk management improves the likelihood of obtaining the support needed to take action where and when it is most critical.

Who We Work With

Coridium Advisors works with executives, managers, program managers and project managers who are committed to taking their programs or projects to a superior level of engaged management. We require this level of commitment because we know that we can only be successful with clients who are willing to be responsible for working toward that level of accomplishment. You are likely to be successful working with us if you are willing to

  • Challenge youself and your teams to increase the level and quality of results that ensures that projects are proactively planned and managed.
  • Hear about risk and engage in dialog about what needs to be done to mitigate it—with all stakeholders.
  • Instantiate risk planning and management in projects and the larger organization.
  • Commit to moving up and out toward the next level of project and business performance.
  • Seek a distinctive edge in an increasingly competitive business environment


How We Work

Coridium Advisors leverages risk planning and management to quantitatively and qualitatively improve planning and communication by program/project teams. Our experience has shown the very significant value of formally assessing, documenting, and talking about risks through a series of steps:

  1. Assess current project management with a focus on risk management practices, processes and tools.
  2. Determine level of sophistication and robustness needed in risk management.
  3. Design and introduce a prototype risk management framework using training, case studies, tools and templates, and process models.
  4. Test the prototype in one or more projects; this will include working with management, project teams, the project/program office and customers.
  5. Assess the results and modify as needed.
  6. Plan and then support the larger rollout.

Coridium Advisors provides professionals who are experienced in risk management, facilitation, process design and training. We bring over 30 years of experience in successfully implementing project and risk management across a variety of organizations and business settings. We work with you shoulder to shoulder to introduce and integrate risk management as a critical business practice.

As we work with you and your teams to implement risk planning and management, you will gain a clearer understanding of where your risks are, what their potential impact is and what needs to be done to avoid or minimize them. With a project risk management process in place, senior leadership, customers, project managers and project teams have the means to elevate concerns and convey their importance to team members, to management and to customers. Our offering is scalable from a project to an entire organization. At the end of our engagement you will have fully functioning risk management.

What to Do

To learn more about Coridium Advisors’ Risk Management offering, contact us. Or, if you’d like to read about the value of our risk management offering, check out the following case studies:

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