Kevin Raum

Kevin Raum is principal and owner of Coridium Advisors. His professional career spans more than 30 years as a consultant, manager and entrepreneur. Kevin has held senior leadership positions with responsibilities in business development, sales and marketing, product development, project and program management, strategic planning and risk management.

He is a trusted business advisor and coach to his clients, who typically are presidents, CEOs, business owners and managers in a wide array of companies and organizations. Through his experience as a leader, manager and business advisor, he has broad exposure to and understanding of the challenges, opportunities and issues that executives face in developing, managing and delivering products to the marketplace.

Kevin prefers to use a blend of consulting and coaching with solid analysis to help leaders and managers of organizations run their businesses and continually innovate to bring new products and services to their markets. He helps leaders and manager to make sound decisions on strategic direction, investment, human capital development, manufacturing and production, and marketing and sales. He seeks to see not only the challenges at hand but beyond them, to understand the implications of these challenges.

Kevin has advised and coached individuals and teams in high technology, public relations, government contractor, not-for-profit, professional services, biotech and software development companies. He has also worked with federal, state and local government agencies. Kevin is passionate about risk management and the value it brings to organizations as a means to enable good leadership and facilitate communication in and between organizations.

Employee title: 
Owner & Principal
Coridium Advisors