Exiting an Unworkable Partnership

We worked with a woman business owner who co-owned her federal-government-based business with her ex-husband. He was interfering significantly in the business and was inhibiting her ability to take the business in the direction she desired. She very much wanted to bring this partnership to a close so that she could take complete control of the business and eliminate his interference. She laid out the situation to her board of advisors and her coach, who helped her deal with the emotional challenges and negotiation strategies. She sought advice and support from her board as she made her decisions and laid out her strategy for bringing the partnership to a mutually beneficial close. The board offered different negotiation strategies and options. It also identified sources of bank funding that she pursued to create a pool of funds with which she could buy out her partner. She successfully worked through all of the issues, bought out her partner and established herself firmly as a strong woman-owned business.