Coaching for Business Success

A company that provides an online document preparation system for Realtors joined the Fairfax, Virginia TAB group to work on increasing sales and revenue. Although the company had been successful in creating an ongoing, profitable business since 1992, they needed assistance in meeting current growth objectives.

In the client's words, "The TAB group was helpful in several ways. First, it required us to define personal, financial and other growth objectives and milestones in measurable terms. Second, because of the mutual confidentiality agreement we have each agreed to, members share financial, personnel and other confidential information. This allows members of the TAB group to actually understand each other's issues and actions and provide pertinent and useful advice to each other. Third, reporting back to the group each month provides a sole owner/CEO the requirement to face up to the measured results of actions taken to meet objectives and helps keep growth plans on target. Additionally, the private coaching sessions with Kevin Raum provide a more in-depth look at decisions we make and actions we take. Kevin usually improves on these and provides both strategic and operational points that have amplify our ability to meet our objectives. In all, it's been successful!"