Implementing a Sales Process

The President and co-owner of a debt services company came to us and requested help in increasing sales after a long period of flat revenues. We worked with her to identify and characterize her ideal client and her sales pipeline, and to strategize on handling leads and tracking sales activity. She immediately began to increase her sales; in the first four months after beginning our engagement with her, her sales were up an average of 80% per month. 

In addition, she participated in monthly advisory board meetings, which helped her to better manage her business by giving her a venue to get other executives' suggestions and guidance on issues facing her business. She received (and implemented) advice on issues that included hiring and firing staff, finance and management commission plans. Some were issues she raised, while others arose during discussions for the benefit of another board member that helped her resolve her issue at the same time.  Her company, like most small businesses, doesn't have a board of directors or a large management team to help with major decisions. Participation in her advisory board gave her an invaluable perspective on her business.

An additional benefit: in the process of getting help in addressing these issues, she was able to get more engaged in the business community, an activity she relished and sought to do in the longer term.