Why Leaning In and Leaning Back are Complimentary

I find this article to be really good at getting at the essence of what makes women leaders differet and effective both in teams and in customer relationships. While being more competitive in the market is a good thing for women leaders to consider, it is also important to remember that women bring things to the table that many men could do well to learn in order to be more effective.

Is Your Spouse Launching a New Business?

This Inc. article about what a spouse wishes she had asked about as her husband entered into a new business is good food for thought. Whether you are a "solo-preneur" or are partnering with someone else, you might find the questions in this article to be good to consider with you spouse/significant other.

Catapault: Crowdsourcing Platform Focused on Global-Local Projects that Serve Woman & Girls

Check out Catapault

A crowdsouring non-profit aimed at helping support projects around the world aimed at helping women and girls. I like this because it is aimed at working on projects that have a local focus. It lets you donate to projects around the world that help women and girls. And--what do you know?--helping women and girls, especially in the developing world, is a key to boosting development even more.

The Value of Being a "Student" and Experimentation

Here is an interesting article that speaks to Coridium's philosophy on taking on new challenges. We are a big proponent of experimentation--develop your hypothesis and set up an experiment to determine if it’s true. If not, step back, learn from it and develop another experiment. Do this until you succeed in creating what you want, or stop and move on. The beauty of experimentation is that there is never real failure--only learning.

Five Things Every Woman Entrepreneur Should Know

This is a good short article on five things women entrepreneurs should consider to improve their odds of success:
1.There may never be a right time.
2.You can ask for help.
3.Your online presence is your storefront.
4.It will be 100 times harder than you think.
5.Be fearless.

Coridium Advisors' Success Circles are designed to help women entrepreneurs get the help they need. 

Why Relationships Matter

In this series of articles written for LinkedIn, Reid Hoffman discusses the contribution that strong and weak relationships make in being successful in a career or business. I particularly like his examples of successful collaborative partnerships that have produced outstanding results (I suggest you read them in the order presented):

Coridium Advisors is now Associated with BMC Associates

In late October 2012, Coridium Advisors and BMC Associates signed an agreement that will make Kevin Raum an Associate of BMC.  BMC is the premier provider of mediation services to family and non-family business owners in the country.  It has also been a pioneer in conflict prevention for business partners with its unique offering, the Partnership Charter.  Kevin said, "I am very pleased to be a part of BMC and look forward to working with David Gage and his partners to offer these exceptional services to my clients and other business people in the North Carolina area."  Interested in learni